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The coolest damπ people ever. These are the guys and girls who have skillfully kindled the roaring flame within that is the spirit of adventure. They live off of the thrill of exploring, battling, and justice. While others are being boring they go off to fight the forces of evil! You could sit anywhere and look around and the only way to tell who is an adventurer is to look for bags under their eyes. They don't sleep, justice NEVER sleeps.
Bob: "Where's Chris and Emma?"

Andrew: "Oh they're in they're fighting a forest wizard."

Bob: "Oh cool! I know Adventurers!!
by amazingboy97 November 28, 2010
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1 To answer a question in far more words than what is needed for the assignment.

2 To remove one’s shirt while on a video call in a completely platonic manner.
when worknig on an assignment (or any project) : I’m berking this assignment those questions, then the teacher will have to give me an A. • The teacher doesn’t want to read all of that so why are you berking it?

when skyping (or oovooing) : I skyped my dad but I had to hang up because he was berking. • My friend forgot the webcam was still on and started berking.
by amazingboy97 October 01, 2011
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When something is almost perfect.
Me: I got a 99% on my test!
Mom: That's just erfect!
by amazingboy97 November 10, 2010
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The greatest Argonian ever. He is a bit of a fayg but that doesn't stop him. He gets curb stomped every once in a while but he'll bounce back (his Histskin helps with that). He is often arrested without committing any crime. He's such a minority that way. His sentences are served entirely through the course of one nap. He wishes he would get a cell buddy but he's too much of a fayg for that to happen. He enjoys pickpocketing the emperor and well armed guards. When a fight begins he runs away using only monkey style kung fu. He can live under water but they don't really want him there either. Bottom line is that one day he'll kill a lot of dragons and become a god. He can be spotted running around the woods looking like a barbarian. He'll be the one with no pants on.
Villager 1: "I just saw a fayg in the woods."
Villager 2: "Was he wearing pants?"
Villager 1: "No..."
Villager 2: "It was Zorafayg."
by amazingboy97 October 27, 2011
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The point at which your normal internet browsing routine has ended and you are just going from site to site to site repeatedly out of pure boredom.
Person: I've checked facebook, YouTube, and Twitter like a million times and nothing is going on! Maybe If I check one more time...

*1 hour later*

Person: Damn, I've been Site Jumping haven't I?
by Amazingboy97 November 28, 2010
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