Adrian is such an amazing person and he’s a beautiful human being !! He can make anyone smile because of his smile :) everyone needs a friend like Adrian .
You’re such a great friend Adrian
by candygirl.105 November 13, 2017
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a man that contains an anaconda like penis in his pants. he is fucking awsome in everything he does and if he fucks your mom it's like a blessing from god. most women love his extremely large penis and are rumored to have up to 23 girls sucking his enormous dick. he fucking owns everyone but is still a nice guy. no one has ever dared to stand up to him because he is a fucking PIMP!!! if you do you will most likely end up dead after his mighty PIMP hand. all hail Adrian the fucking G riding gangster Jewish hating PIMP. NO fat chicks
Christian- man I wish I was an Adrian!

Raul- I know what you mean, I'll never get the mad ass bitches he gets

Christian- oh well we'll just have to settle with our 2 1/2 inch chodes
by macktastic unicorn October 6, 2009
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from the latin language meaning "generously endowed good looking, super fun, master of the long sword"
He is generous with his time money affection and of course his sexual prowess.
This type of Particular Adrian can usually be found in the company of a sexual ninja, who, in turn can strike without warning at any time.
The result of such company can be easily distinguished in public by roving hands of said ninja and the bulging trouser front of the Adrian in question
I was out yeserday and saw what i thought might have been an Adrian then i saw the sex ninja with him and new straight away.
my what an awesome erection you seem to be supporting. are you an Adrian by any chance
by cockstar2 June 28, 2011
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An amazingly sweet and cute guy, who listens to you whenever you need to talk. He's the kind of guys that you can talk to for hours without getting bored at all. Adrian is a strong Christian and loves music, especially screamo. He will always try to help you if you have a problem, and tells you how he feels. He is the most amazing guy that you will ever meet, and if you meet him, you're really lucky, and should be grateful.
I'm so lucky that my best friend is Adrian, I love him so much =
by musicfreakk437 September 22, 2010
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He looks like a person who cant keep his grades up
Hey look, Adrian has two F's
by deathweeper February 12, 2018
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Adrin is the most hansome boy it the world every time a girl looks at him she squirts like a river he has a 10 in dick and every time hes horny all the girls deep throut his dick!!!!!!!
by bacon. boy November 29, 2015
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Man who constantly oozes sex out of his pores. His body is like a machine that produces just pheromones. He smells like man. He is charming and has a hairy dog.
That man over there with the hot body and incredible smile is such an Adrian
by Adrian's Girlfriend December 14, 2010
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