Sweetest guy you'll ever meet. He is caring and is always there for you when you need him. He chases what he wants and won't stop for anything. If you get a chance to meet an Adrian, don't ever let him go.
by 🤘🏼🍑 March 14, 2017
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The Kid Who Spells Filipino with a P
Adrian: I’m Philipino Dumb ass
Marcus: U mean Filipino Dumbass
Adrian: Philipino
by ThisisTheOtherGuy June 5, 2020
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Adrian is a small town in Michigan, they hold the worlds record for most Christmas trees lit at once and they always have a beautiful sunset. We also call it the drain because I’m out downtown area the land goes down
Adrian is a crack town
by Bekka :) June 5, 2021
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Fucking sexiest man alive all the girls love him and want him everybody respects him and he dresses so hot.
Oh my god! Is that Adrian he’s so hot
by Adrian Lazcano January 28, 2018
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I seen him a few times alll over long beach. Everybody that I asked about him called him Sage or Sage Adrian. He looks mean but after talking to him I can tell he's a amazing sweet guy. He has a sick goatee and plays in some bands wich is where I see him. He is always with groups of chicks and the way he looked at me when he talked I can see why. I don't know about his penis or sex or whatever but a couple of my girlfriends dated him and he made them crazy happy and then just crazy so maybe. Something about him is hypnotic.
Who's the guy with the beard?

Oh that's Sage Adrian. Careful with that one girl.
by LBskygirl April 8, 2011
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sifa: look its a rat

adrian : where !
sifa youu!
by wuJHFQI June 7, 2019
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