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Although he has bad time management skills and a terribly strong loyalty to his work or job ,he's actually a very caring guy who tries his best to make friendships last and preserve moments with those he loves. Although he might look big and tough, or not have the best expression on his face from time to time, he can be a kickass person to have as a drinking buddy, or as a plus one when you are in a fight.

They are kind, compasionate, creative and artistic, but don't ask him about hentai cus that not so shy personality will shatter thus releasing the lust of Zeus in the form of sauce codes.
Guy 1: Haha, did you hear what Adrian did after that guy said that 177013 wasn't sad?
Guy2: Yeah apparently the fucker that said it can't walk anymore...
by ADudeIThinkHopefully October 11, 2021
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