A satanic race of pure evil, who rule the Internet through a Monarchistic feudelic system.
On that system of reigning, on the head stands the Head Admin. Underneath him there are the Secondary Admins.
Loyal to them, and lower in the ladder are the Moderators.
Underneath the Moderators are the Sub-Moderators, who have to do all the dirty field-work.
In the bottom of the Internet system there are the members or users. They hardly have any rights and are often oppressed by those of a higher social class, and must obey the Moderators and Admins.
Disobeyance of their orders will result for the members in a ban, and even in IP ban from the system.
We, the members, really need a revoltion that will rid us of the evil reign of Admins, and bring Democracy to the Internet.
by Urban_Fellow July 16, 2006
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To make somebody an admin.
especially to admin someone on a facebook group.
Dude, I just admined you on my facebook group.
Yo whore who the fuck admined you to THAT?
by Manset June 17, 2010
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An administrator of a computer system, an online forum etc.
Stop it or I'll email the admin!
by Krazy Kraut January 18, 2004
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administration: some guy/girl in charge of a system normally computer.
Im on about the gaming admin:
1: good admin:
fair just and make good comments. kick team killers but if it was under very bad circumstaces will let you off.
Bad admin: kicks everyone that kills him, kicks somone with a just reason or point.basically kicks
oh and makes sure he has admin mod so that if somone kills him he can be invincible or smack them or something gay like that.
also have a habit of when a map is voted in byt 90% of the players will change it because he doesnt like it.
dont insult them though, hell kick and ban you
somemof them are horrible liers aswell claiming they work for valve and will have you arrested for swearing
<<GLA>> HoLsTeR_SmAsH: admin u gey fck learn to pay and quit with the grav screwing

<<GLA>> HoLsTeR_SmAsH was kicked.
by alex weeden May 19, 2004
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Person who believes he has super human powers over everyone else and commands adulation from blinkered followers, who worship his every word and whenever there is an admin position available, they do whatever's necessary to try to gain this position, i.e. Moley.
Bonneville: Can I just get a straight answer from admin to whether or not we can swear on the forum?

Piotrish: How about this for a straight answers - will 30 days do?
by Bonneville365 February 11, 2009
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When you’re asked to do something that required a lot of effort and can’t be bothered
friend: have u finished that assignment?
me: noooooo so admin bro
by Land of Pavlova April 30, 2020
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A person online who has the most power in a game, chatroom, or forum. They can create certain rules which other users have to follow. An Admin can ban, promote( to mod, co-admin, etc.), or limit inferior users based on how well they think of them. There are 2 types of admins: A responsible admin and an abusive admin

A responsible admin is fair to all users. They don't discriminate and they're usually the most mature user on the server when it comes to arguments.

An abusive admin is the exact opposite of a responsible admin. They use their power to basically control the users on the server by favoring certain users or threatening to ban users they don't get along with. They commonly refuse to pay any mind to inferior users, no matter what the quantity. The only users who like an abusive admin are the people who are considered "friends" to the admin.
Blaz3: The admin of this room SUCKS, I could be a way cooler admin than that bitch!
<< Blaz3 has been banned from the room >>
Admin(responsible): That was their last strike. I will not tolerate that behavior.
Admin(abusive): That dumb ass bitch, I knew i shouldn't of let him stay in this room, i never liked him!!
by Sutomi November 11, 2017
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