Shortened name for a Gravitational (Gravity) Bong, a smoking device consisting of a larger, open container (Think - a bucket) and a smaller (Think - 2 liter soda bottle). The Larger base container is filled with water, and a whole(s) are drilled into the bottom of the 2 liter bottle, and a cap (Commonly called a 'grav cap') Which can be made out of a ratchet or tin foil and the cap to the two liter bottle to filter the goods, which lets the smoke fill the chamber of the 2 liter bottle as you pull it upwards out of the water.
Man, he just pulled a sweet grav.
by Thaff December 11, 2004
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(noun) Along with being a term for the actual gravity bong itself, it can also refer to the overall process of using a gravity-assisted smoking device, including but not limited to the smoke produced
"Holy shit, Jane just took that entire grav to the face!"

"Fuck it, let's not watch the Clippers, let's go home and do gravs and play Sega Genesis."

"Eww dude, you got resin on your teeth from that huge grav, gross."
by ugk May 30, 2008
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one hit of that dank in our 2 liter grav and i was passed out!
by Bradofcentralpa December 9, 2004
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Me gots the grav towards this old fella.
by Bad Translator November 29, 2019
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The greatest thing in the world and nothing is better. I took my first grav in spring of freshman year of high school. It has been two years since then and I just cant get enough of them. I have quit smoking many times but I always manage to be baked off the gravity bong again. Just fill up a bucket with some water and find a plastic bottle that you can burn a hole in. A ratchet head is a must on gravs fuck that tin foil shit. Start burning a hole in the bottom of the bottle for water to pour through. The next part of this is amazing to me especially if I'm bopped. I burn the cap enough so that the center part is melted and I push the ratchedhead through so that it seals perfectly. Now the Gravity bong is good to fucking go! Wait but this is when the burning method is selected. Do you want to pull gravs out of a bucket or do waterfalls. Most fuckers do waterfalls but personally out of the bucket is the best. Pack the grav cap with some dank weed however you like. =To dam High
by Stoner Jessie January 21, 2014
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Grav is a word used in many Discord group chats to insult someone for being idiotic or dumb. It’s typically found in the Roblox, Among Us, and Minecraft community on Discord. (Discord is a social platform where many people commute over games and other things). It can also be used to call somebody out for doing something unjust or unfair.
Your such a grav. Why are you being grav? I hate your grav face. I’m being grav right now. Stop being a grav.
by GuestFlops December 29, 2021
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Either a homemade or store bought water bong that effectively conserves weed while providing a clear and intense high. Consists of a large, deep container capable of holding water, filled with cold water (example: bucket, beverage cooler, cooler, bathtub. For miniature gravs: large drink cup, larger empty food tins) and a smaller open-bottomed liquid capable container (example: 2-liter bottle with bottom cut off, Large sports-drink bottle with bottom cut off. mini grav: bottomless water bottle, etc). This smaller container is placed inside the initial larger container, with the water level rising to only a few inches below the mouthpiece of the bottle. The grav top is typically the screw-on top of the bottle with a hole cut out in the center and a small socket melted into the hole. The smoked substance (which is hopefully some lusicious heddies) is placed in the metal socket with a flame lit to it. As the user pulls the bottle upward out of the water very slowly, while holding the flame to the bud, the smoke is sucked downward from the socket, into the bottle, cooling slightly as it hits the water. The chamber should, if made correctly, fill with smoke as water is also pulled upwards in the bottle due to the suction. When the contents of the socket are burned to ash, the user unscrews the top of the bottle, and places their mouth to it whilst simulaneously slowly allowing the bottle to fall to the bottom of the bucket again, and inhales the delicious smoke as it is forced out the top mouthpiece by the gravity of the falling bottle as the water level rises.

Gravitron manufactures all-glass gravity bongs that are as effective as a homemade one but are easily broken, not easily stored or transported, and considered legitimate paraphernalia. A bucket and a cut up bottle could easily be some silly science experiment a homemade musical instrument. Just hide the grav top :
"I hope this article makes sense- I just pulled a grav."
"Shit, I just pulled 4 gravs. I'm BLAZED"
"Let's go make a grav."
by kris420 July 24, 2008
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