German word for the beautiful, glorious, majestic Eagle

The symbol of freedom
Dar ist ein Adler!

The captivating adler swooped down and clinched the walleye within his carnivorous talons

eins zwei drei Adler!
by kumendaiyeyha August 13, 2008
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Some CIA agent who brain washes soviet soldiers to his dirty work
Adler: Bell we have a job to do!
Bell: *breaks into soviet bases with Frank ‘Onion’ Woods for some reason.
by Big-digger-nick August 2, 2021
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Adler is a sweet, loving, caring boy. He normally has brown hair that he cares about more than anything. He is quiet and shy, yet can be loud when around his friends. He is the right guy for a girl who loves him as much as he loves his hair. If you find an Adler, don’t lose him.
I just saw Adler walk by in the hall, he’s so adorable.
by anonyymouss:) <3 January 2, 2019
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An adler is typically a very handsome boy, but tends to hold in their feelings and keeps away from many people. They tend to also be super shy but are amazing people to talk to when you need something. If an Adler doesn’t tell you much don’t be discouraged, it’s not that he doesn’t trust you he is just afraid to show anyone his vulnerable side. But if you ever meet an Adler, try your best to never let them go, because trust me they are very special!
I was talking to Adler last night ... he doesn’t say much about himself.
by bringmefood69 November 6, 2019
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Is a caring lover, he is a guy who loves his hair and uses it to distract. Even though he is a girl getter. He is a very nice person and you should get to know him
Adler is a very nice guy
by RedCrimson123 February 22, 2020
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Adler. The most anooying brother. He makes his sister do literally everything for him. He cannot cook.
OMg! Adler sucks!
by fendee November 13, 2020
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comes from the word adler.

1)it is a well known term in the MFAD at SVA.

2)It means not being good enough: living up to the adler

3)making the other person feel like they are not good enough.
You have been adlered.

I cant believe Marc just adlered me in front of everyone in class.

if another person adlers me i think i am going to kill myself .
by John Smith the 3rd October 15, 2007
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