Aditi means someone who is so precious and dear to you that you can’t help but always take their name. Aditi is so full of life and a happy person who always spreads positivity to everyone around her and is always there for her loved ones. She’s a goddess, a magnificent strong woman. She’s so cute, gorgeous, smart, with an exquisite sense of humor that you won’t stop smiling when you’re in her company. If you don’t have an Aditi, what are you doing?
Aditiramisuuuuuuuuu my favvv.
by Samediscodifferentpanic February 17, 2021
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Aditi is a sweet girl. She does a lot of things people don't like, but she doesn't care what others think about her. She is so cool and have a Amazing character. She usually have a long neck, bright eyes and glamorous rounded nose. She'll be having a crush on the boy no one thinked of!
Hey! Aditi what's up?
by Anonymous 6987 July 8, 2019
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Aditi is a very sweet and caring girl. She is often of Indian origins. Even though, she talks about a lot of dirty-minded thing, she has a heart too. She has extremely caring friends. She loves her family and friends. She might be sassy and might hurt someone's feeling without even knowing she is. This might be a bad quality of her, but one of the only. She is extremely emotional. If you ever have a friend named Aditi, make sure to not let go of her.
You're wierd Aditi, I like it though.
by lolmygod November 24, 2020
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The true definition of chonky cheeks. May it be sun, hail or rain she's never a quitter. Won't quit your side, her work or anything she has put her heart to. Bound by nothing she is straight forward and to the point. She's determined and loyal to a fault. She keeps it sweet and simple. Something like a Kinder egg hard on the outside sweet tasty and full of surprises on the inside.
Aye mate have you tried the Valorant agent Reyna? Her styles so sick and so is she, she's very much an Aditi!
by SOVAlovesJETT March 19, 2022
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Aditi (अदिति = "limitless" or "boundless”) the personification of the "infinite, boundless, entire" of the earth, sky, consciousness, the past, the future and fertility.

A girl with hypnotic eyes, intutive, piercing presence, unframeable monalisa smile & untameably passionate..... Brain-Booty combo, rides the uncharted & fights uphill...truly a pure heart badass!!
Girl 1 : I give a f*uck wht he/she thinks, & screw these limited neurons dickheads....Ill do I !!
Girl 2 : Fu*k you bitch, you attained ADITI state..screw this world..cheers!!
by Tupke June 15, 2020
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A name for a beautiful girl who shares and cares for everyone. She may seem harsh on the outside but she really is soft on the inside. If you meet anyone called Aditi, then you are an extremely lucky person because that girl will look after you like a goddess, as she is the mother of all gods. : )
Aditi is a pigeon. So holy and sweet...
by SajiBANANANANANAAA May 16, 2018
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Aditi a girl who is junior to me.She calls me bhaiya even though i have feelings for her,I wonder if she gets a clue 😞, i liked her ever since i met her, she respects me alot, she does care about me and that's what made me mad for her,Someday ill confess you 😕 i hope you understand
Written by D.B
Aditi how was your day? I was worried bout you.
by Your dear D December 4, 2021
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