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Kinder eggs are the most fabulous hollow chocolate eggs, painted white inside which taste divine. The eggs contain toys which may be difficult to construct if the openers have low IQ's. They are soon to be delivered by a Hampstead based chocolate delivery company to aid distressed women at unsociable hours.
Kinder Eggs are sometimes rather tricky to open too!
by laurita May 18, 2006
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Chocolate egg made by Fererro that could be compared to a Happy Meal except for the fact that it's small, made out of chocolate and doesn't taste like shit. The toys inside are mildly entertaining if you are under 9 years old, but the plastic container can be filled with water/sand/similar substance, and thrown at people - hopefully exploding at impact.
Guy 1: Hey, remember those Kinder Surprise eggs from back in the day?

Guy 2: No

Guy 1: Oh
by quas July 29, 2005
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A child egg
Guy 1: I ate a kinder egg

Guy 2 : mmm a child egg

Guy 3 : I ate 23 childern mmmm
by tajmahal December 22, 2018
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Someone dark-haired on the outside, but completely blonde on the inside. An inner ditz, even if he/she doesn't seem like it.
Friend: "Did you hear about the answer she gave in history today? She's such a blonde!"
You: "No way... she doesn't seem like a blonde."
Friend: "That's a kinder egg for you."


Teacher: "Can you tell me where New York is?"
Kinder Egg: "Um... on a map?"
by La_Nina February 17, 2010
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An annoying and overrated toy that's been going strong for 44 years. They're banned in America because some Americans view them as dangerous (some kids have been known to eat the whole thing without knowing that there's a toy inside and had to be rushed to the hospital).

It also doesn't help that the toy is associated with an old creepy Humpty Dumpty commercial that's bound to give little kids night sweats.
Kinder Eggs are overrated. Thank god I grew up with the Wonder Ball instead.
by Nordicdragon July 03, 2018
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when you're black on the outside, and white on the inside.
Kenny Dalen
by you know who September 08, 2003
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A person who is Black by acts like they are white. It is also a German candy that is chocalate on the outside and a white candy on the inside that is shapesd like a egg.
by Tiffany T. July 08, 2003
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