Adam is a slang word for bouncy castle his ego was too big so he was jumped on to let the ego out adam is a person who thinks he would break anyones face in a fight when the only broken face he knows about was his own
"Adam was talking about you behind your back".
What he can still talk after he got jumped on?
by Sexyscooter June 26, 2020
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Adam is an outsider, a know-it-all, and single
That guy said D.A.R.E failed misrably. What an Adam!
by Upbeatsans April 16, 2019
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A conquererwannabeaboo
PERSON 1: Oh there’s Adam, he thinks he can conquer the world.

PERSON 2: No he’s just a conquererwannabeaboo
by LittleMissLadida August 28, 2018
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A boy with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Lowkey sweet but annoying, he tends to bother people with his jokes and competitive character. He has a really ferm and clear accent. He has many qualities but he is not always appreciating them. Super smart and energic, always looking forward to improve, he likes long smart conversations and he hates sleeping.
Adam can be super egoist and hide his feelings by saying that he doesn't care but trust me he does. He is a baby so don't hurt his feelings.

Adam can be a good friend to both girls and boys, he is loyal but be careful because he can easily snap out.
Adam can be loud so when talking to him you will bearly finish your sentences, Adam can jump to conclusions too fast so make sure you explain everything perfectly because you don't want your eyes popped out and a broken spine. Adam is a good guy so you must have him as friend;)
Adam can be super flirty but don't get it too personal, he ain't into you, he is just trying to be funny:")
by krakheeaad December 07, 2019
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the one man to outweigh lizzo. He need 50 big macs just for a snack. he need 30 helicopters to just move a foot
and if god forbid moves himself he creates a 9.0 earthquake he can feel because of all the fat. He's so dumb that he brought a knife to school and showed it to a principal. and stole over 300 dollars from a teacher. he is a dumbass fatass piece of shit
have you seen adam "who cant see that fatass"
via giphy
by alsdjflaksjdfklasd January 17, 2020
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Usually ginger and are also nonces make sure to hide you kids from anyone with this name
Mate don’t be an Adam and nonce those kids
by Evan speirs May 03, 2019
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