CSI: Miami (Crime Scene Investigation: Miami) is an American police procedural television series, which premiered on September 23, 2002 on CBS. The series is a spin-off of the veteran series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

The best out of the 3 series with cases that actually keep you guessing. Plus, it has the best ratings of the 3. :D
by MIKE DERE July 29, 2011
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A spin-off of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. CSI: Miami is one of the most unrealistic and poorly made crime dramas currently on television. David Caruso stars as Horatio Caine with absolutely no talent as an actor. Watching Caruso is like watching Dirty Harry play by the rules while taking Ritalin.
An excerpt of CSI: Miami:

Horatio Caine: Gentlemen, may I?
Lawyer: Be kind, Horatio.
Horatio Caine: As always. All right, now, Pedro, the gun we found in your room has tied you to two murders.
Lawyer: But possession doesn't make my client the killer.
Horatio Caine: We also have your skin cells on the tourniquet you used.
Lawyer: ALLEGEDLY used.
Horatio Caine: Allegedly used.
Horatio Caine: Now, are you going to rebut everything I'm saying?
Lawyer: Yes.
Horatio Caine: Excellent.
by nsnarf July 11, 2008
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Horrible offshoot of the previously stellar CSI programme. Hilariously bad, features a skinny ginger guy as the primary protagonist. The only explanation one can accept for the fact that his wizened horrible face takes centre stage in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE is that he is one of the principal writers and must be constantly writing himself to the forefront of every single scene, perhaps to further the cause of ginger tossers world-wide.
by moley May 17, 2003
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The first spinoff of CSI. Set in Miami and centers around Leuitenant Horatio Caine and his team of CSI's. But despite being CSIs they hardly need to use forensics to solve their crimes. Horatio Caine has a sixth sense for knowing who did it and why. But he is not the lone superhero on the team. CSI Eric Delko has been shot numerous times, including twice in the head. But did he die? No. Did he get any longterm damage? No.

The average CSI Miami episode consists of many bikini clad girls, a high profile murder usually about drugs, money or both, horatio making a few snappy one liners and removing and putting on his sunglasses a dozen times. And when they need to fill the rest of the forty five minutes they include a few jokes at Ryan Wolfe's expense, usually about his height (or lack of it), a few Eric/Calleigh love scenes, and Horatio shooting a half a dozen guys for no apparent reason. And don't be surprised if the episode ends with Horatio secretly beating up a suspect.
Person1: "Did you see CSI Miami last night?"
Person2: "Yah. How on earth does Horatio get all those beautiful girls and how does a brazilian ginger exsist?"
Person 1:"Did you see when Eric was shot? I swear they've already used that storyline before:
Person 2:"I think they are recycling them. Last week Ryan was framed once again for a crime."
by HoratioCaineisITTT February 4, 2011
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