Girl with a very strong heart and please appreciate ad like me appreciate her -far
Ad are very beautiful!
Are you adriana cause you are my happy pills
by Fakeja November 27, 2019
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Alpha Dog. The shortened name of rapper Alpha Dog from the rap group the G.D.I.'s. OR the leader/protector of the pack, usually the biggest and meanest memeber of a group of people, quite often an asshole.
A.D.'s gonna beat the hell out of you when he finds out you sucker punched his boy last night
by Joey_Bag_Of_Donuts August 13, 2010
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AD stands for after dark, as in ugly ass woman who come out after dark.
Cft told me bout that ad u been kickin it with, lol hope u dont catch somthing.
by i git sum December 11, 2007
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Code word for adrenaline needle, used as a last resort for someone who thinks they are about to die from a heroin overdose. Something about adrenaline counteracts the heroin, sometimes saving the user.
by prongstape December 19, 2005
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In video games (or games in general) - a minion or weak enemy, often killed easily and accompanied by a stronger enemy or boss element. They are usually deemed annoying by the players because they appear in large numbers and prevent progression: much like advertisements in real life.

Such ads are most commonly found in role-playing games (RPGs) and some first-person shooters (FPS).
A: "Why do we have to kill all these ads before the door opens? Can't we just burst through and kill the bad guy? I mean, he's right over there!"

B: "Because, developers are foregoing creative battles for artificial difficulty... I mean, because the boss has a magic shield that won't run out of power until we kill all the ads, duh."
by p_xam March 29, 2018
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a.d. means anonymous dick. It is usually in the context of a random hookup, especially involving oral sex on a guy. It mostly refers to gay guys or guys who have sex with men.
I really could blow some A.D. right now!
by Mister7 December 05, 2009
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