A.d apartment dwellers a person who thinks he so cool but is living in his moms apartment
by Honey_your_gay December 05, 2019
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actual day; actual date
"what was the a.d. of the purchase?"

"let's party on the a.d. of my b-day for a change!"
by kingman November 16, 2003
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A.D means Ass Disease like when a female has a big round ass.
damn those senoritas have a case of A.D
by AHDIU November 20, 2007
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Okay. why the fuck is this ad literally 30 minutes long?!!?
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by Aqxer January 09, 2019
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AD means attention-deficit, or unable to pay attention.
That kid in the back of the class is so AD.. he never listens to the teacher.
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by Teslarossa September 15, 2018
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The opposite of Ex, as applied to ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. Derived from the Latin - Ex is From, Ad is Toward. Do your ad-girlfriend is the lass you've starting dating, but aren't ready to call your girlfriend.
I'm off out with the ad tonight - 3rd date, you know what that means!
by LeoTheLaugher March 08, 2018
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