Short for annorexic, good for insulting a skinny someone within earshot without them realising.
Oh my god, where's that girl's BODY?

She's an anno Clarice, she thinks looking like a pipecleaner is attractive.
by OHAI. February 3, 2009
useless annoying; moaning myrtle from Harry Potter, all she does is talk the talk when you can't even take that ghostly booty out for a walk
Moaning Myrtle: "I want you Voldemort, I want you..."
Voldemort: "Bruh stop with the anno or imma kedavra your trifling self."
by Snape.Snape.SeverusSnape January 2, 2019
a. To take something loved by a large group of people and twist it until it is hated, resulting in death threats.
Gainax really annoed the new Neon Genesis Evangelion movie, I hear they changed one of the main characters names.
by Sohryu April 26, 2009
Literally, "Aye, I know"

Belfast slang that can be said with different tone or inflection to infer meaning.
"That's fucking expensive"
by Conor June 24, 2008
paintball player's short hand for anodizing. A process in which an aluminum part is finished with a super-hard scratch resistant finish that can be had in a variety of colors and patterns.
An older autococker with splash anno. An Angel with a beautiful mirror polish orange anno.
by JackandBlood April 3, 2010
One of the founding members of studio Gainax, Hideaki Anno has directed such anime as Gunbuster, Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. For a brief period he quit anime to make live-action movies, but he eventually gave that up to work on anime again.
Hideaki Anno rocks my weeaboo socks.
by Warui Otoko July 22, 2010
System of time based around the number 9. Primarily used by the Church of Satan. Commonly abbreviated A.S.
Barack Obama was elected president in XLIII Annos Satanas.
by E5150 August 29, 2009