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To be politically defrauded; particullarly voter registration manupliation, attacks on people who speak against a candidate, and manupliation of the Ballot Box.
My candidate lost because he was acorned.
by HankH October 23, 2008
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The process of publicizing some (but not all) incriminating evidence, then letting the person/organization (the ACORN-ee) involved make statements to the contrary. The ACORN-er then responds with more evidence that proves the statements just made were not only false, but also shows further incriminating evidence.
Mary: Did you hear about Mr. Smith, the high school athletic director? He was breaking regulations by falsifying documents and recruiting four athletes from outside the district for football.

John: Yeah, but he said he would never break regulation and that anybody wanting to join the team outside the boundaries would be "shown the door."

Mary: Well, today they showed a video of him going to the house that the athletes were staying in so they could lie to the school district. The video also shows there's a new pimped-out Escalade for each athlete. Not only that, he was carrying two cases of beer into the house. So he's also contributing to the delinquency of minors.

John: Man, he really got ACORNED!!!

(Mr. Smith proceeds to sue the school district for terminating his employment and the people who caught him giving alcohol to minors, illegal recruitment, giving gifts to student athletes, and falsifying information.)
by 6079SmithW November 23, 2009
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When you lose a promotion or an election because someone has stacked the deck against you.
Too bad Chip didn't get that promotion!

Yeah, he really got ACORNED.
by Dr. Scott October 10, 2008
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