A musical instrument which is played by expanding and compressing the bellows while pressing down buttons, keys, or a combination of both (depending on the kind of accordoin). The accordion has long received a bad repuation and been known as the worst instrument ever. However, the accordion isn't bad. It's just misunderstood.

Contrary to popular opinion, the accordion isn't only a crappy polka instrument. I can be sucessfully used in many style of music including: Cajun music, Zydeco, Tango, Irish music, and (surprise, surprise!) rock.
I saw an amazing accordion player today. He was really rockin'. But then someone came up and shot him in the head for playing the accordion.
by MazurkaMatt June 23, 2006
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A woman who is being penetrated from both ends who is nothing more than the middle passage for two dudes trying to touch dicks
Lisa doesn't know it yet, but she is going to be nothing but an accordion for Stephen and Robert tonight.
by Beelzebubba June 16, 2016
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I guess only Mexicans know how to use an accordion to play bad ass music. It's ok Europeans didn't want It so we takin It from you. The accordion is not a bad instrument. Probably the key instrument for Banda Music It's the heart and soul in all Mexican Norteno Music. One good example are Los Tigres Del Norte
Listen to these songs with an accordion in it:
La Banda Del Carro Rojo
Contrabando y Traicion
La Camioneta Gris and may many more!
by PAISA PEDRO September 27, 2006
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Being able to drive and refold a road map at the same time
Dave's a multi-tasker; he accordionated without crashing into the guardrail.
by xPIPx August 7, 2010
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Being able to drive and refold a road map at the same time.
Folding a map as if you were playing the accordion (a box-shaped musical instrument of the bellows-driven free-reed aerophone family, sometimes referred to as a squeezebox.)
A: "How do you always manage to get to your precise point of destination when driving in a foreign city?"

B: "I thinks that is because I accordionate very well."
by rperazag August 5, 2010
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The accordion is a sexual act in which someone receiving oral sex pulls out the ears of the person giving them oral sex, then hits the giver in the side of the face with open-handed slaps. The hand motion is very similar to the one used to play the accordion.
I don't like all the vallenato music Sandra listens to, but I do like playing the accordion on her when she goes down on me.
by MikeM42 September 1, 2010
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This is old well-known joke in russian slang.
- Do you remember anecdote about cat and dog?
- Of course, its a button accordion.
by IGORIGOR125 April 28, 2009
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