1. vegetables that have migrated so far north they have become frozen.
2. Any kind of frozen vegetable.
Bottom doesn’t have any fresh salad fixings, but he can serve veggie del norte anytime.
by Bottom Ford May 2, 2010
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Canada. ( Literally "Mexico of the North", used to irritate Canadians and Mexicans alike. )
Andrew: Where are the Olympics in 2010?
Rosie: In Vancouver in el Mexico del Norte.
by brown_ct February 23, 2010
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Del Norte High School- a small high in Albuquerque New Mexico they are the del norte knights a decent football team but a school with wannabee gangbangers, hot girls and potheads
Oh we play Del Norte High School next week itll be an easy win for us.
by DukeCitym October 1, 2019
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A place where illegal bull fighting takes place. It’s biggest supporters are godley Texans and they love it!! No bull goes un-fought in this cabbage patch.
Me:wanna go to Del Norte
Taytum:Isn’t thay where they fight bulls

by home town country pumpkin October 23, 2018
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where all the suburban nerdy kids go so the school is super competitive
students there are way too smart and think a midterm study party is fun
students cry everyday about their grades
elitist as fuck
Girl: Dude we're on a date, can u put your study flashcards down.
Boy: Sorry I'm from Del Norte
by anonsounds September 21, 2019
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