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A form of fishing in which a crazy person runs into a lake and searches for holes on the bottom with his foot. Then he inserts his finger into the hole and lets something bite it. Hopefully, it's a catfish. If so, he wrestles the catfish to the surface and drags it to shore. If its not a catfish, he may lose his finger to a snapping turtle or his life to a water moccasin.

Believe it or not, noodling is illegal in many states.
Never noodle for catfish with your dong or you will receive the most painful injury ever to spring from noodling.
by MazurkaMatt May 31, 2006

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According to right-wing political commentator Bill O'Reilly, "falafel" is a synonym for loofah, especially when used to describe scrubbing a woman down with loofah in a sexual manner.
Bill O'Reilly went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to buy a falafel. Then he went to a Greek restuarant and ordered a loofah.
by MazurkaMatt May 26, 2006

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The combined intestinal, urinary, and reproductive organ of birds, amphibians, reptiles, marsupials, and monotremes. In other words, it's an anus, genitalia, and urethra all in one.

Just consider that for a moment. "Combined intestinal, urinary, and reproductive organ"...let that sink in...........Ewwwwwww.....
I was horrified to discover the lurid details of avian reproduction--which involves a disgusting organ called the cloaca.
by mazurkamatt November 21, 2006

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A musical instrument which is played by expanding and compressing the bellows while pressing down buttons, keys, or a combination of both (depending on the kind of accordoin). The accordion has long received a bad repuation and been known as the worst instrument ever. However, the accordion isn't bad. It's just misunderstood.

Contrary to popular opinion, the accordion isn't only a crappy polka instrument. I can be sucessfully used in many style of music including: Cajun music, Zydeco, Tango, Irish music, and (surprise, surprise!) rock.
I saw an amazing accordion player today. He was really rockin'. But then someone came up and shot him in the head for playing the accordion.
by MazurkaMatt June 23, 2006

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An organization of a number of people in a housing development who conspire to control their neighbors and prevent any sense of community in that neighborhood. They generally busy themselves with telling people to cut their grass, paint their mail boxes, pull the weeds growing in the cracks of their sidewalk, and then charging the people for the pleasure of being harassed. Abbreviated as HOA.
If you paint your house that color, the Home Owner's Association will hire an assassin to blow your head off with a sniper rifle.
by MazurkaMatt March 20, 2006

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The Spanish word for Spain. "España" comes from the Roman name for the country: Hispania. The Romans, upon first arriving in Spain, encounter hordes rabbits, and thus chose Hispania for the name of the country. It can be loosely translated as "Rabbit Land!"
1. España is such a great country because of it's people, culture, food, music, bloodsports, beauty, and, most of all, rabbits!

2. Try not to feel scared when you find out that España is "Rabbit Land!"
by MazurkaMatt May 26, 2006

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The reproductive organ of animals of the order squamata (lizards and snakes). It is two sided, allowing the animal to reproduce from either side. This is especially useful to snakes, as they have no legs to assist in mounting. The hemipenis is barbed, order to prevent the escape of the female and to keep the two animals connected in the act of fornication.

To answer a common question related to the hemipenis, no, snake and lizards have NEVER fornicated in threesome.
I can never eat lox and bagel again because the snake's hemipenis looked like smoked salmon with barbs.
by MazurkaMatt May 26, 2006

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