A really nice girl, who displays a pretty little shy smile when she's happy.

She doesn't talk too much.

You can tell how she feels though, by looking into her beaming eyes and watching for her little moonbeam smile!
Ted: I never noticed that cute girl before, but she's really got a beautiful little smile!

Fred: Yeah, Her smile is like a pretty little ray of light. We call her Moonbeam!
by Real 1ne May 12, 2010
1. A governor from the state of California whose radical views earned him the name Moonbeam back in the '70s and early '80s

2. Replacement for the Governator
Will Governor Moonbeam save California? Stay tuned...
by calif2011 January 6, 2011
Eddie: We were at the beach and this chick flashed he moonbeam at us.
by Marcus J Dawson January 1, 2008
Moonbeam is a very shy girl. Plays by herself but is loving and caring. Moonbeam is a rare name but if you meet one, you'll have to get to know her. She is also very pretty!
Moonbeam is awesome!
by 😏the named😊😉 May 9, 2015
What is a Moonbeam? Moonbeams are pretentious left wing women who constantly refer to "What I read in the Times the other day." (meaning the NY Times)....they are anti-religion, make disparaging remarks about people who have religious beliefs and believe the 1960's worldview is still valid in today's world. Their significant "other" is usually the anti-alpha male.....Moonbeams are also anti-military, never mind that the military protects their delusional lifestyle.
Moonbeam dragged her significant other to another peace dedication and told him to shut up and sit down.
by KatieKlock August 15, 2014
when a girl blows air in your butt and makes you fart in her face.
after surfing and getting so pitted i got moonbeamed by my girlfriend moonbeam .
by Tacolover9000 February 8, 2016
The great savior osprey who sits a top of Mt. zerczeus. The true messiah
by Toenail 5 January 24, 2017