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A legendary name given to the man who fought alongside Abraham Lincoln during the Battle of Little Big Horn. It is said that a man carrying this name would have only one known weakness, triceps. When approached by an "Ables" try not to look him in the eyes he has been known to steal souls.
1. Did you hear that "Ables" killed a gorilla last week.
2. Only an "Ables" has the power to defeat the darkside.
by T.K. Harper May 28, 2008
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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1. Not disabled.
2. A walking, seeing, breathing, talking, hearing human.
3. A person of perfect health.
Able: Can I have a pop?
Gimp: Alright able, walk over there and grab one.
by Double Gimp August 12, 2011
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she is a kind-hearted person never let at go. She will always have ur back she also is very smart she will always help u with ur homework and school work. She will always remember u and she is hella funny she will always make u laugh when ur sad. She will is able. If u end up with an able never let them go they will love u and always be there for u. But able is quick-tempered she will snap real quick so don't get on her bad side. She will protect her friends no matter what so u need able if u don't good luck finding an able they are like Benitoite rare.
Are u able to have a friend
by BAD BLEEP OOP September 19, 2020
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she is the most sweetest person u will ever meet she also has a bad side. She is hella smart she will know the question before u ask it. she is hella loyal but she is very she is high tempered don't mess with her or u will regret it. She will always love u no matter what. If u have able u are so hella lucky. She is also a hacker she loves snoozing.

Able are like Benitoite rare. If u have a able keep them
Able is so Sweet
by BAD BLEEP OOP September 19, 2020
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large in size, an abundance, huge, big. used as an adjective.
That child got an able head!
Did you see her able butt trying to fit in those skinny jeans?
by likebutta January 27, 2010
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