A guy who’s good looking knows what he’s doing and mostly sweet talks to females.
by Kadijya April 24, 2019
A good looking boy that has a large forehead and has a very interesting personality and is very good at basketball
by Abdi12472584 April 2, 2018
Abdirahman is a player he can take you’re sister and you’re mother so watch out

He is very good in bed and will atleast hold out about 20 minutes in bed and will make woman scream out of joy
Abdirahman is a sexy beast
by Person who speaks on trutt October 9, 2018
Abdirahman is smart, really Funny guy who’s good looking and sexy , knows what he’s doing and mostly sweet talks to females. Abdirahman is really lazy sometimes
Look at him getting the girls without doing anything.
Girl: I wish Abdirahman was my boyfriend
by Amran November 23, 2021
Someone who is just trying to fit into society, by expending his energy to just smile in order to make someone feel reassured.
He really is trying to make her feel better. He's such an Abdirahman
by King of Arcadia September 27, 2020
A very smart handsome guy,who like to play football
Girl: where is abdirahman? He is gonna play fotboll with us
Boys: no he doesn't
by The great Ali December 12, 2016
cool strong man who is very cool and very strong. most Abdirahman's are light skin, 6'0ft with waves. but do not worry if your not any of those most Abdirahman's will develop them sooner or later
*faints on the floor"
by Wou December 25, 2020