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AVG refers to a popular anti-virus solution from Grisoft, which is available for free. Grisoft also offers free anti-spyware/rootkit protection.
You should immediately install AVG on that freshly formatted PC.
by Undisputed Definitions November 15, 2007
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Anti-Virus Guard, a popular Anti-Virus software, seriously, if you use it, your computer is already fucked.
Guy 1: My computer got a virus
Guy 2: What Anti-Virus software do you use?
Guy 1: Avira
Guy 2: Ok your computer was already fucked to begin with.


Girl: Dude, it's like AVG is a virus!
by SaviourZealot May 25, 2012
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Asian Valley Girl. High maintenance chick who makes either her boyfriend or other dudes do all her shit for her. AVG's like to attack and fight with other AVG's. Kinda like a queen bee but worse cause she's asian and she's from the valley.

Origin: Hawaii.
"Whoa! Check out that girl, she's hot!"
"Dude she may be hot but an AVG like that will step all over your sorry ass."
by robbie February 16, 2005
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An average whitey. They usually like to sing along to Akon and Young Jeezy while riding in the car. They think dogs can understand English and proceed to speak to them whilst looking like a dumbass. AVGs are usually afraid of black people due to the discrepancy in strength.
Steve - Did you see those AVGs running from the nigger?
Jake - Yeah! But they saw an ice cream truck and got distracted.
by twisteRRR February 22, 2009
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Arsha Vidya Gurukulam. A badass camp located in Pennsylvania for NRIs. Studies include lectures on Vedanta, yoga, and Sanskrit. The biggest camps are during xmas and summer break.
- Hey are you going to AVG this winter?

- Fuck, i can't make it this year.

- Ah that blows.
by Om/Naba July 21, 2009
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