noun: an acronym for Anxiety Phone Thumbs.The cold wet feeling of your thumbs from holding and texting on your smartphone.Usually caused by inactivity of the rest of your body.May also be caused from poor blood circulation or generalized anxiety.
I was chilling typing up new words for Urban Dictionary when I got a bad case of APT..My hands, especially the thumbs were drenched in panic sweat.The APT were so bad that when I tried to use TouchID my fingerprints couldn’t be recognized.
by 93 yourcultleader93 July 27, 2020
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Stands for Albino Porcupine Triplets.
A group of three pale, blonde people.
"Hey, look at those three blondes."
"They look like Albino Porcupine Triplets".
"What up APT's!!!??"
by The original APTs November 17, 2011
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Oh man, I can't believe APTs are still able to easily socially engineer accounts in 2016.
by Sudosev August 4, 2016
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Always look for the APT seal of approval when you buy toilet paper.
by lazyboytestpilot September 16, 2008
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Advanced Package Tool:

The tool used for installing packages, uninstalling packages, searching for or listing packages, and satisfying dependencies when using the APT repository on the Debian distrobution of GNU/Linux.

There are a variety of frontends for apt, both on the console and GUI.
apt-get install irssi
apt-cache search irssi
apt-get update
by Tristor April 18, 2005
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Abbreviation for apartment. It is spelled out during pronunciation or in a sentence.
"Let's head on back to the APT. I wanna grab some stuff before we go out tonight."
by jupiter6921 September 15, 2007
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N. Person with very long hair.
APT is really one cool cat...I wish I could have that hair!!!
by COOL DUDE January 10, 2005
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