A change that is made to a law or legal document.
The bill of rights are examples of amendments.
by Miranda (Mandy) September 27, 2006
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The process of changing all the hard work someone else has done and turning it into something that doesn't resemble the original document at all.
At the Mid-American Model United Nations, delegates submitted twenty-six amendments to the resolution proposed by Burkina Faso to the point that the delegate disavowed any ownership of the original proposal.
by MAGEC Mark March 16, 2013
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A kiddie friendly alternate version of the lyrics of a song originally filled with filthy words.
Yo! I'm tired of Spotify exchanging the explicit version with the amended one in my playlists!

Yeah! MAFIAA fucking around again with their license deals!
by Karolus Magnus February 25, 2014
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If somebody is going on your nerves.
Stop amending or i will beat you up.
by IndiaBoyJoel June 19, 2019
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V. To propose an action or rule.
"The state of Minnesota will amends it's new law."
by 02947291 December 15, 2015
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when the male dominated Congress proposes or passes legislation that will negatively impact Women
Congress pushed through the Health Care initiative after passing the Stupak aMENdment.
by keepinitbuddha November 9, 2009
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The refusal to testify on the grounds that a person's lungs (or other organs) will be viciously chopped up into that of a hamburger.
"I um...can't testify. I fear that my organs will be chopped up into a patty."
"Ah, the 67th amendment."
by Yams April 23, 2008
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