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peace loving singh
by Everybody July 25, 2003

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A power-hungry Candian faggot. Can be found in GameSurge's #hardware. Loves the cock. Thinks he is cool because he can ban anyone and everyone for no apparent reason. See: cock-sucker.
#hardware on irc.gamesurge.net

* Bob has joined #hardware
<RRA-LuCkY]> !addban Bob CAUSE IM COOL!
* BOb has been kicked and banned from hardware
<RRA-LuCkY]> I am so leet!
<Tom> if by leet you mean, cock sucking gay, then yes, you are very leet.
by Everybody February 12, 2005

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The world's greatest videogame player and IGN boards poster.
Bow down to his knowledge!
devil_monkey471 will kick your ass.
by Everybody August 25, 2003

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Adrian "Panochitas" De La Garza
"That guy's such a pussy he's APD dawg!"
by Everybody June 05, 2003

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See Liar,Backstabber,Dork,Slore,and Pervert.
When you have friends like Kasie Sokol, you don't need enemies.She's the kind of person that treats everyone like crap because she thinks she can get away with it.
by Everybody September 30, 2004

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