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the squidded one
kiya is el squido
by someguy June 4, 2004
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The stupidness that occurs during and after intense physical activity, where the body's limited bloodflow is directed towards the muscles instead of the brain.
I tried to unlock the wrong car in the gym car-park today. Severe case of exercise brain.
by someguy April 7, 2015
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a company that sends you free drink coasters.
person00: hey, we got a new aol coaster. this one is 6.5 it must be better than our last 4.0 coaster.

person01: cool, ill add it to the other 300 we have.
by someguy December 14, 2003
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Then there came a sound, distant first, it grew into castrophony
So immense that it could be heard far away in space

There were no screams, there was no time
The mountain called Monkey had spoken
It was only fire and then, nothing.
by someguy April 4, 2016
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dumbest mother fu*king sh*t ever created by the government.
Censorship makes little Billy here more interested in what he is not allowed to see, therefore he goes to great lengths he might not have gone to, to find out just what he is not allowed to know.
by someguy June 4, 2004
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A way of shooting a guy down using a whole clip.

If you've seen the movie,
The drug dealer gets shot down with more than one shot.
Nigga ima go coach carter on you.
by someguy January 29, 2005
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A dog, refering to a woman that is very ugly and/or a slut.
"Man, Sallys a bit of a dog."
by someguy February 24, 2005
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