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A young girl, usually 19, who still has the blonde hair with blue dye streaks, a lip ring, blue eye shadow, ripped jeans and the 8" high black clog shoes look of alternative rock girls from the early 1990's. The most obvious characteristic of these girls is that they will never be your girlfriend, but can easily be taken home for a one night stand of incredible sex if you tell them you're in an alternative rock band.
Hey alternachick, come home with me and I'll show you my 4 Non Blondes memorbilia collection...
by Speed Racer July 24, 2004
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Now AOL is trying to control the music download business with a new service called "MusicNet@AOL". It's bad enough that AOL censors content and keeps track of what you see, now AOL wants to keep track of what you hear.

Any song downloaded from the AOL MusicNet service contains DRM (Digital Rights Management) software code embedded in it. DRM is used so AOL and the RIAA can identify which AOL member is downloading which songs. If you don't believe AOL and the RIAA keep track of what you are doing online, you are a n00b. You obviously haven't read your AOL user agreement.

AOL sucks. Boycott AOL!
by Speed Racer October 12, 2004
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To have sex with a girl for no apparent reason, just basically because you can.
Last night I sporped this chick in the choo choo and she was totally down with it.
by Speed Racer May 1, 2008
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Second Generation Supra, hence the name CelicaSupra. Completely superior in every regard to the MkIII, and quite handy for driving over MB's head, because he's apparently an asshat.
My MkII makes your MkIII look like ass.
by Speed Racer May 26, 2004
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If you like Classic and Modern Rock internet radio to listen to, this station is the bomb.
Listening to Radio Free Colorado reminds people how bad FM Radio sucks today.
by Speed Racer September 3, 2006
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Another word for going to the bathroom, but this happens outdoors and impacts the ground. It can be challenging to not get any on your shoes.
This weekend I went camping, and went ploppy out in the woods one morning. I definitely gave the next hiker something to step in.
by Speed Racer July 10, 2008
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Something that is so amazingly wonderful, it's almost as good as sex...it's basically fabulous!
"Those 10 minutes of heaven in your bed were fucktabulous!"
by Speed Racer August 18, 2007
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