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A browser superior to Internet Explorer, but inferior to everything else.

NOTE: I re-submitted this because of a typo in the last version.
Everything else > Netscape > pen and paper > Internet Explorer
by Intelligence: The Anti-N00b February 26, 2005
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A browser that lost the browser wars to Internet Explorer long ago. The last version that wasn't over-commercialized was Netscape 4.6. The current version is 7.2, which is loaded down with a lot of AOL junk and advertizing. It is inferior to nearly all browsers on the market, except for Internet Explorer, which it is slightly better than

Firefox>Everything Else>Netscape>Internet Explorer Shells (avent, maxthon)>Internet Explorer
Did you check out the new Netscape Browser beta 8.0? I threw up when I saw the interface and now my computer is ruined.
by Robert April 10, 2005
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Browser made by AOL-time warner based on Mozilla web browser.

Note, it wasn't always based on Mozilla - but now Mozilla open-source feeds netscape along with a number of browsers including AOL and Mozilla's own Firebird.
"Why get Netscape, its just a slow, commercial version of Mozilla"
by beamrider2600 January 22, 2004
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A free browser that is better than Internet Explorer. It's currently version 7.2 and doesn't have or can catch bugs that internet explorer can. It is also easier to delete the history so yo moma won't see all the gay porn you look at.
Visit for Netscape 7.2.
by Joe C August 28, 2004
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A very good browser even today, Firefox would be different without it and Internet Explorer would be considered better without it.
Netscape and Firefox are better than IE
by SiLENCE'R November 22, 2006
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