Acronym: Accidental boob graze, boob can be replaced by butt and graze can be replaced by grab.
sorry that was only an A B G
by Jamie Boudreau June 26, 2007
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An ABG is an accidental boob grab, which can occur at any time, but is particularly likely during fast-paced dances like lindy hop or charleston. ABGs are not to be confused with the deliberate fondling that may be a part of bump 'n grind.
So I was dancing with Sarah, and the music got quick and I had an ABG by mistake. Then she slapped me.
by Mike November 12, 2006
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Awkward Black Girl, from the YouTube series, ABG
About a black girl named 'J' and her misandvetures with boys her job, and her bosses.
J: OMG! Your awkward!!
CeCe: Yeah I know!!
J: I'm an ABG!
CeCe: I'm an AIG (awkward Indian Girl, races vary)
This could be the start of a beautiful friendship...
by Naytor3001 June 28, 2012
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stand for AznBbyGrl Asian Baby Girl basically an asian girl that has really good hair wears winged eyeliner has almost everything hello kitty. and gets just about every philipino and other guys
some dude: whoa did u see that hawt asian girl?

his friend: yah dude she's hawt!!

some dude: yah she's a total abg
by tmobileman February 25, 2011
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asian baby girl. usually a young, hot, pretty asian girl who likes to dress up stands by her boyfriend a true ride or die . her and all her abg friends will fight you if you try to approach her. dresses well, does her make-up and hair right, and probably smart as hell, too.
-Damn did you see that Abg go by with her man he’s cute?

-You best not try and talk to her man her and her ABG friends like to fight dirty
by ABG18 February 21, 2020
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anybody can get it
β€œthese niggas keep trying me but abg!”
by …123 February 13, 2019
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