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how much a girl's ass jiggles when you slap it.

when it doesn't jiggle it can either be not sexy or sexy depending on the guy

when it does jiggle a little that is really sexy and alotta guys like it.

when it jiggles too much thats just......
dude 1: oh dude i slapped my girl's ass and it didn't jiggle at all. she had a low jiggle factor.

dude 2:is that good or bad?

dude 1: i say its bad! i want that ass to jiggle.

by tmobileman February 25, 2011

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stand for AznBbyGrl Asian Baby Girl basically an asian girl that has really good hair wears winged eyeliner has almost everything hello kitty. and gets just about every philipino and other guys
some dude: whoa did u see that hawt asian girl?

his friend: yah dude she's hawt!!

some dude: yah she's a total abg
by tmobileman February 25, 2011

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