ABG stands for “Anybody Can Get It

The abbreviation gained popularity from the song “ABG” By Crip Rapper Quando Rondo
It’s free smoke ABG!”
by Dripnglo January 27, 2019
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ABG asian baby girl. commonly frequents boba shops and car meets, carries luis vuitton, channel, or saint laurent yves. has a taste for travels and luxury. catch her on the VIP tables in the night clubs or next to the dj on weekends. Super famous on Instagram or tiktok. looks exactly like twitch.tv/kiyocx
that beautiful girl you will never get with, that abg. look at that 10/10 asian girl. yup that's kiyocx on twitch.
by kiyocx for abg September 7, 2020
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ABG Commonly known as asian baby girl. Likes to party have fun typically into the car scene or boba. Looks like ohaidiana on twitch.
Wow that abg is so pretty yes ohaidiana is so beautiful.
by ohaidianaforabg September 28, 2018
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Asian Baby Girl is an asian girl who typically enjoys boba tea and dancing. Frequents college campuses and loves to travel to disneyland. Looks alot like aevaflava on twitch.
aeva is always going to disneyland and drinking boba she must be an ABG.
by abgaeva June 9, 2019
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“ ABG “ stands for any body can get it
1. I’m tired of folks , ABG

2. If folks wanna fight it’s whatever ABG ! Ya digg
by Yung_.em on Instagram October 11, 2018
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Asian Baby Girl who likes to frequent clubs and bars. usually drink boba or patron. Into cars, disneyland and works at a boba place or a bartender. looks alot like dreamerica on twitch.
That asian bartender is so pretty is she an abg? yes that's an erica.
by ohaidianaforabg October 13, 2019
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Arterial Blood Gas. Blood taken from an artery to measure the gasses such as CO2, Pao2, HCO3, and PH.
1. I have to have an ABG.
4. They are 100 times worse than getting your blood drawn!!
5. Wish me luck.
6 Good luck.
by 1992peter February 15, 2010
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