Always be gambling or "ABG" is that catchphrase for a group of eco-warriors originally found in the Pacific Northwest. The Gambler 500 is an off-road aggressive trail cleanup where people buy "500" dollar vehicles, make them awesome, and drive them on dirt roads because pavement is lava. Also, there only one rule "don't be a dick"
"Just replaced the transmission is the "shitra" after sending it into the river at last year's water crossing! ABG" said Travis as he spun tires peeling out of the O'Reilly parking lot.
by Mrs. Mandypants July 18, 2020
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An ABG (Asian Baby Girl) is an Asian girl who usually wears a lot of make-up, has long hair (usually died platinum or platinum blonde), wears lots of excessive jewellery, drinks tons of Boba, has tattoos, and hangs out in little gangs where they converse in Cantonese or Vietnamese or something.

Also spends a lot of time clubbing and being ratchet, and is probably an IG baddie. Basically the definition of a ghetto Asian girl. Usually don't like being called an ABG, or at least won't admit to it.
Vanessa is such an ABG. She's even got a pierced Helix and her whole chest is covered in tattoos. She's probably going clubbing tonight too.
by aarachuu August 28, 2020
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asian baby girl. usually a young, hot, pretty asian girl who likes to dress up stands by her boyfriend a true ride or die . her and all her abg friends will fight you if you try to approach her. dresses well, does her make-up and hair right, and probably smart as hell, too.
-Damn did you see that Abg go by with her man he’s cute?

-You best not try and talk to her man her and her ABG friends like to fight dirty
by ABG18 February 21, 2020
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ABG stands for Asian Baby Girl. This is typically a yellow chick who wears fake eyelashes and has their hair dyed blonde or ash grey with a bubble tea in their hand. They may seem whitewashed on the outside but they are not on the inside. ABGS are only friends with ABGS but, occasionally they can be seen with a group of nonasians but, it is very rare. Everyone wants to be friends with an ABG because they are the coolest groups of Asians out there. ABGS are super hot but you have to be careful because their Asian parents might kill you.
" There are so many ABGS in Toronto"
" I am on an ABG hunt"
" The only asian I would date are ABGS"
by hellokitty12234 November 15, 2019
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Always Be Gambling

The Gambler 500 Rally is a mostly off-road Rally-Style Navigational Adventure using cheap, impractical or fun vehicles to run through the country and pick up trash, remove abandoned vehicles and boats. Participants are encouraged to spend no more than US$500 on their vehicle; however, this limit is not enforced. Vehicles can be modified with no cap, but as public roads are used they should still be in compliance with the law. The Gambler 500 began in Oregon, which is now known as "OG500", the event has since spread across the United States, Canada (Gambler 500BC) and Iceland (G500ÍS). The motto is "Always Be Gambling″ abbreviated to "ABG".
The founder of Gambler is one rad dude and an all around sexy beast. #ABG
by Yeti Cruiser June 3, 2021
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