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As by Hollywood standards, the “cream of the crop” or the best, most popular, and highest paid actors and actresses. Adopted by a student by the name of Jawan Ford during his high school years at North Springs High School in Atlanta, it was used to describe a financially “well off”, gorgeous, but more often than not snobbish group of females, whose values were considered somewhat sophomoric. It has since then evolved to describe one who holds only to the highest standards of class, professionalism, and sophistication
Did he just step out of a BMW 760Li? He's so A-List.
by Jawan Ford October 02, 2005
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A kid in my class is a water slapper
by jgyhsref January 22, 2020
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Refering to the "cats meow". Richest, Glamourous, Prettiest..Along the lines of being almost perfect. Must have attitude, money, fame, fortune, a nice car, looks. Finicky, rude, but all together worshiped and envied.
Waiter: Would you like some of our finest champange miss?

A-list: Nah, do you think you could send someone to italy to pick up my favourite drink?

by Lemon wedge April 15, 2006
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Bro, she's such an alist.

John: Kayla is the biggest alist ever!

Mike: How?
John: She told me she didn't know what blowjob mean but then sucked me so good!

Joseph: She was such an alist last night, unreal!
Matt: What a lucky man you are! That's the best combo of freakiness and innocence.
by junkyxoxoxo April 12, 2020
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A-List is the ironically named hip hop duo based out of Columbus Ohio. Although nationally, the group is virtually unknown, hence the irony, A-List performs regularly on the OSU campus and has performed at OU Halloween the past 3 years...

What is A-List?

A-List is a diverse blend of funk and hip-hop. A-List is not only intelligent, but high energy and humorous. The group boasts a duo of multi-talented musicians that have managed to shape-up a completely abstract and unique approach to hip-hop... A funky blend of the things you love about old school hip-hop with the conveniences of the amazing technology and knowledge that we now have to build upon...

Who is A-List?

A-List are Chad Weed and Brian Earley better known as cWeeD and tha Hafrican... And on the group's debut LP, they're also known as Ghost and tha Darkness...

Where has A-List performed?

-Skully's Music Diner w/WALE, Peanut Butter Wolf and Nick Catchdubs- CBUS, OH
-Cabin Fever Jam @ Legend Valley w/Lyle, Mike Perkins, Jovial Flow, One Under, Papadosio and Spikedrivers- Thornville, OH
-Ohio University Halloween '06, '07, '08 and this upcoming of '09- Athens, OH
-The Blue Gator w/The Lab Rats- Athens, OH
-Little Brothers w/The Villebillies- CBUS, OH
-CBR's w/The Villebillies, IN3D and Philadelphia Slick- CBUS, OH
-High Five w/Blueprint, J Rawls, Bottom Brick, LES Crew, Ill Poetic, Illogic, Boomy and more- CBUS, OH
-Scarlet and Grey Cafe w/Midas Touch and others- CBUS, OH
-Whiskey Dick's- CBUS, OH
-Oldfield's on High- CBUS, OH
-Tony's Bar- Newark, OH
-Buckaroo's- Heath, OH
-Valhalla Hall- Heath, OH
-And a few private parties here and there...
Man did you see that A-List show last night? It was ridiculous!
by cWeeD and dat Hafrican April 10, 2009
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A list of sexual encouters you wish to happen or plan to happen in the near future
DAMN, yo A-LIST is bangin
by dofsflafaf August 09, 2006
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