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A nice black man that it extremely talented and gets all of the ladies. But he is very responsible and very intelligent. He loves all of his nicknames like Jay Baller, Uncroseddog78 .
We all love Jawan.
by Jay Baller January 17, 2018
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A mocha skinned white man who has talent on the basketball court.. Very amusing, ambitious & witty. Cannot dance but imitates facial expressions well and memorizes every rap song down to the ad libs. A ladies man. Loves all type of women, especially white girls, but will end up with an Asian woman. Likes to have oral sex. Has serious problems with sweet foods so don't keep them around them. Has weird shaped heads. Jawans are sexual beings like R.Kelly, Usher & Trey Songz. Bad dance moves are usually connotated to a Jawan. Also talented athletes are Jawans, like "Jawannaman's" Nicknames may be Chocolate Thunder, Peanut, Usher.
Did you see him? He just did a Jawan dance!

Oh wow. Now he thinks he's some kind of Jawan or something.

Did you watch the Steelers? The running back was a fast Jawan!
by Yellow bee February 07, 2010
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