Gotta keep that boomy on u even when it's close friends! Trying not to mix the money with emotions
by Freakyzeekie August 26, 2019
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boo·my boo-mee

giving great pleasure or delight, wonderful, first-rate; very good.


awesome, great, splendid, fantastic, radical.
Dude, I just got pulled by the cops for speeding but he was sound and let me off! Boomy!
by RUNSAB June 2, 2014
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Boomquisha Santiago, Oscar winner

aka Jennifer Hudson, Boomie: term of endearment on Survivor Sucks American Idol thread.
Go Boomie! Boomie won her Oscar! Whatevia's cousin Boomie finally shines!
by Whatevia Santiago February 26, 2007
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did you get those boomies?
by Juan Delavega November 5, 2008
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Boomi is to be a hoe or a jump off
SHe gAvE tErry and micah whoop you know she a boomi
by Terry May 11, 2004
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The term boomie may be considered a synonym for the term "slut". A boomie is a young woman, usually caucasian, who expresses preference towards hip-hop culture, black man, and black high-top basketball shoes. Common apparel worn by boomies may include: Baby Phat shoes with pink laces, grey jogging pants, Rocawear backpacks (With string-styled straps), and oversized, fake Channel earrings. In the GTA, boomies are likely to be spotted at 108 or Steam night club, Scarborough Town Centre, or Oshawa. Boomies are known for saying the word "still", blatently out of context. For example "Yo, Iverson is madd sexccc,styllzzz".
"Yo das da boomie ma nicca J-Rooks wuz runnin son."
"Im horny, where da boomies at?"
"Yo you know how I know your girls a boomie? She shops at Stoxx and broadway sports and fashion, She goes to Jane and Finch mall (people from Jane and Finch dun even go to Jane and Finch mall), Shes never dated a guy who wuznt on probation, shes got more hightop basketball shoes than me, she has a shirt that says Stop Snitchin, shes white... yet she has a ghetto/puerto-rican accent???
by Marco doboski April 6, 2007
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