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A situation where, after a sensible comment has been made, the receiver understands little or none of the comment or its context. Often ending up in a lengthy re-examination of the original comment at great distress to the issuing party.

The act of following a perfectly valid comment that would ordinarily spark debate with an idiotic question, thus derailing the entire conversation.
Peter: "I just heard in the news that oil prices are soaring."
Steve: "What?"
Peter: "I said I just heard that oil prices are soaring."
Steve: "Why?"
Peter: "I just read it in the news, I'm trying to find out why."
Steve: "the government do that to the property market."
Peter: "Are we still talking about oil prices?"
Stever: "What?"
Peter: "Stop being a Nigel!"


Peter: "I just came up with a way of solving world peace for all humanity."
Steve: "Why?"
by ConcernedandConfusedFriend January 24, 2011
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Doing 'A Nigel' mean leaving a place, party, town or anywhere without saying goodbye to your close friends.
"Make sure when you move you don't do 'A Nigel'"

"Can't believe He did 'A Nigel' the other night! What a party pooper!"
by it will rain hard on you November 27, 2011
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