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The act of ass-raping a troll on the Internet by countering his/her shit-spouting with a long, well written, logical, and lengthy argument (ideally containing a number of points labeled A to S).
X: "Some douchebag on 4chan was totally trolling on /b/, so I gave him a three page essay--with a bibliography--on why he was a complete dumb fuck."

Y: "You totally A to S'd his ass!"
by Sabul October 19, 2011
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The first fraternity established after the civil war in 1865 which was created to help unite the North & South. ATO is a band of brothers who stand together for what they beleive in. Having been the creaters of the widely known fraternity organization, "Leadershape," we stive to better ourselves, others, and our house while maintaining respectable academic standings.
ATO-University of Nevada Reno
by Student of UNR October 23, 2006
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Asshole Training Organization; Rapists, Known to lure ladies, and sometimes guys, to the house, proceed to "roofie" them and while they are passed out fuck them; Hazers: known to do the "Elephant walk" and the "Soggy Biscuit".
Girl: I got raped at ATO last night.
Officer: fill out this complaint form


Girl: here's that rape form
Officer: *pulls out MASSIVE binder labeled ATO and adds the form
by ???????????????????????????? January 25, 2008
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The ATO fraternity is one in which the men take turns licking each others rectums and then proceed to roofie every girl they come across so they dont have to fuck each other any longer. As part of their initiation, the pledges engage in a contest known as "Smoodgie Cookie". This is when the pledges stand around a cookie and the last one to ejaculate on to the cookie must eat it along with his pledge brothers sperm.
Cant spell faggot without ATO.

Girl 1: Did you go over to ATO's last night?
Girl 2: Yea, i woke up without my pants on and cum all over my ass.
Girl 1: That happened to me last weekend!!
by DTD 2010 June 22, 2006
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The word potato comes from the word pot meaning "to grow" and the word ato meaning "Imma eat that with a quickness"
by ZACLOULEAH August 03, 2008
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avoiding the obvious i.e. Not taking action to a situation.
Val: Girl you know your ato.
Kel: When I know the smear campains are over, I'll talk to the Elliot.
Val: Rd. works both ways
Kel: My exact point cuz.
Val: He's just trying to get hiz boys off. You know who you are. You know they are all full o sh*t.
Kel: ato I will be until he makes a move in an obvious direction to me i. e. saying hello, how are you, and we were both in the wrong. shows a sign of characture and not a game play.
Val: I see what your sayin' night girl <3 ya
Kel: <3 U 2
by wolfdog8mysoulWcracks December 01, 2009
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