A pervy old guy with smelly unwashed suspicious looking trousers who creeps you out and you can smell a mile away. Best avoided at all costs especially if he leers at you or plays with his pocket billiards. The reaction to the Trouser is usually a strong gag reflex.
Watch out, there's a trouser totally checking out your ass!!
by Blonde Beetle March 05, 2009
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Transitive verb. Slang, meaning to accept a bribe or some other sub rosa payment, usually in cash. That is, to take the money and slip it into your trouser pocket.
Mr Fayed offered a brown envelope and Hamilton trousered it straight away.
by kilkrazy January 03, 2005
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This word is British, and in America are pants. However under British trousers, are pants - Thats how Brits and Americans get mixed up with what is what.
I wear trousers under my pants.
by Thomaslongnose May 21, 2016
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trousers: anther word for pants.
I have to go out and buy some new trousers.
by Reb969 July 06, 2005
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The questionably traditional practice of being forced to run around a lawn, quad or yard with one's trousers down one's ankles, as a result of being 'whitewashed' in a bar game, i.e. beaten all points to nil. Almost exclusively the reserve of public schoolboys and Oxbridge undergraduates.
Little Jimmy lost 11-0 to Tarquin at table football and so was trousered; much merriment ensued at the sight of Jimmy feebly waddling round the quad, and Tarquin and his buddies had a jolly good laugh about the trousering.
by Tonemeister General October 18, 2010
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completely and utterly trashed, drunk and/or drugged
man i was so completely trousered last night i pissed in my girlfriend's shoes
by SLaaDi February 10, 2004
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You wear them on your legs
Susan could not escape from her trouser prison
by Sticky Hands July 04, 2006
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