Someone who is unfortunately addicted to being an a - hole. They can't help themselves and no amount of therapy can cure them. They are a chronic arsehole. They treat others as if they don't matter. It's all about them.
Bradford and Shirley are chronic A - Holics after treating "their" son as they have. His feelings never mattered. There is no hope for them.
by ratsbackside April 21, 2017
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Suffix commonly applied to words to indicate addiction, derived from the word alcoholic. Always improperly used unless referring to an addict of alcohol.
Greg: How was Europe?
Luke: It was just a chocolate tasting tour, Nancy is such a chocoholic.
Greg: That's not a word, moron.
by MarkoG December 5, 2009
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the punk ass police who are notorious for shooting innocent people planting drugs and weapons on the citizens!
crooked ass cops, anyone who affiliates with dirty cops. Government informants, any police ass shit!

"Damn a nigga can't walk down the street with out these punk ass holice harassing me searching for drugs!"
by zone3 pimp May 20, 2009
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Played on heavy, this Dance Dance Revolution song shows that you're competant and can follow the steps well.
This song can be performed as a 'rite of passage' when entering a DDR league.

Holic is performed by Taq.
After playing Holic, your grade shows your competency:

E: you suck.

D: you suck.

C: you don't suck as much. work on it.

B: nice, but you need to work on it.

A: very good. work on that AA.

AA: extremely well done.

AAA: you are now president of our DDR league.
by wiru February 17, 2004
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He was wearing a pink dress, he's such a Holic.
by not a druid December 14, 2006
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A contraction of police and prostitutes. Popular in urban settings where police are as common vernacular would have it are solicitous prostitutes.
Jamal: "Damn, son why the holice always
gotta be bustin my biznalls."

Shawnae: "I don't know cuz, but i wish i
could get up on them ballz

Jamal: "Hell no, i'd rather have some
holice than a hosebeast."
by James Rizzzowe March 15, 2005
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A Tropi-holic is a hardcore fan who is certifiably addicted to the music of the Cleveland-based band Tropidelic, and possesses an insatiable desire to share in the experience of their live shows.

Usually after just one live show, a Tropi-holic is hooked for life. A Tropi-holic prioritizes attending as many live Tropidelic shows as possible because they feel happiest when they are dancing close to the stage with their fellow Tropi-holics. It is common for a Tropi-holic to attend multiple Tropidelic shows in multiple states within the same week.

Tropi-holics come from all walks of life and geographical locations. They share daily inspiration and conversation in their private Facebook group and support each other like family through thick and thin. Their shared appreciation for the ineffable music of their beloved band has formed countless close friendships that will last a lifetime. Most Tropi-holics claim the music to be so powerful and inspiring, it changes their lives forever!
Hi, I’m Gabrielle, and I’m a Tropi-holic.
by Kween[g]y July 1, 2020
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