The street in which you live, hang out or reside.

The corner or block in the hood, where you see gangstas and wankstas, usually doing illegal activities.
nikka I think you is retarded. What you think my muhfukin phone tied to wall inside da house? Nikka you no Facebook work on da phone in all type of places right? On da block. Off da block. On yo mom. Off yo mom. All types. Understand fuckboi?
by Blaq Gold January 21, 2018
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Small community found in pine county.

Behind grand casino.
Did u hear pugs went on high speed chase n of all the places he runs to da block and gets caught!
by deejaydizzle August 22, 2019
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a friendly action done by really nice and ethical gangs, the act of going on a block and shooting it up with nerf guns
yo you wanna go spin da block on these niggas
by nerfgunwarrior February 20, 2022
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To hold your hood down. To crush da block means to shut every hater and bitch nigga in your hood down. It also means to move the "weight".
Yung L.A.'s mixtape "Crush Da Block"
by Tristan Harper March 11, 2010
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Spin da block It mean you go back to your ex or someone you use to talk to
by Pretty.tara June 28, 2021
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The act of creeping on someone’s block and shooting shit
aye bro let’s go spin da block rq
by capolot324 March 11, 2021
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Term used by Cam'Ron, rapper for Harlem's Dipset, which means to sell crack on the street.
"Yo ma, I have been huggin da block, thats right hustlin rocks."
by Mo. Khan July 26, 2006
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