Heartbreaker, Heartbreaks, Bullshit, Crazy, Dope (Hot)
Depends In How Its Used In A Sentence

"Yo Your Heard That New Kanye It's Straight 808's"
"You Saw That Girls Ass? Her Ass Was 808!"

"That Girls A 808...Stay Away From Her"

"If You Think Obama Cheated To Win, Your Just An Angry McCain Supporter Because Thats Straight 808"

"I Like Your New Style Its 808"
by MalakiDaGod AKA Young Mal November 10, 2008
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808 come straight outta "nogo" (north chicago)
6ros over 6itches.
808 dude, i got you.
GD for life nig.
by GDNigg December 30, 2009
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