The area code for the majority of the New Orleans metro area. A large portion of it was brokin and changed to 985, which is just north and west of New Orleans.
I was about to head out to the 504.
by Hassell April 15, 2005
504...its that simple the life of the party, the place where food is so spicy its amazing li wayne is from here 504 is the area code for New Orleans
hrad the 504 its where im from
by Shafliettyiaa September 6, 2015
504 is the educational code for special needs students. schools are required to give such students certain forms of aid according to their level and classification, as decided by testing.
A student who is 504-severe ADHD can request notes from teachers, be given extra time for assignments, and even be exempted from assignments, depending on school policy and the student's test results.
by Shwaggy September 11, 2004
A 70's french car driven by young punks and fellow cool people..... the 504 is likenened to a statement individuality and self-expression.....
hey bro, check out that hot chick in the passenger seat of that 504........
by 504's are cool May 12, 2005
new orleans, Louisiana...the crunkest place on the planet
by livz June 26, 2007
What you say when the police are nearby and you in posession.
"five oh fo- lay low lay low"
"504 lay low. popo at 6 o'clock"
by lil geeze November 18, 2007