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The largest port in the United States and 3rd largest in the world. Home to myself and some 480,000 others. 28% of which are white, 67% are black, and the rest is everything else. Home to some of the the very first housing projects in the U.S.

Highest murder rate in the country almost every other year. The murder rate was as high as 88 per 100,000 pepole in 1994, but is usually closer to 40 (the nation's average is 6-7 per 100,000)
New Orleans Laaaaaaaaaaaaady!!! something something and Esplanade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Hassell April 14, 2005
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The area code for the majority of the New Orleans metro area. A large portion of it was brokin and changed to 985, which is just north and west of New Orleans.
I was about to head out to the 504.
by Hassell April 14, 2005
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The C.J. Peete Housing development in uptown New Orleans. Home to 2100 people. It is one of the most notoriously dangerous housing districts in the United States and ranks even globally. This section of New Orleans has a local crime rate higher than many full municipalities in the US and has a significant influence in New Orleans' extremely high murder rate.

The Magnolia was once home to:Juvenile,Soulja Slim,Baby,Turk,6-shot,Mr Marcello

Mystikal was NOT from the Magnolia, or even the 3rd ward of New Orleans for that matter.
by hassell August 16, 2007
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A car nobody wanted untill after fast and the furious came out. The car itself is a poser, It is the easiest car to find aftermarket parts for, but no matter what you do to it, it wont be fast, and it will still be a honda civic. Granny car. Rich white guy toy race car.
Hey yo, im about to get me a sweet honda civic Si, and im gonna put rims and some gook pipe on it, I'm captain original!!
by Hassell April 21, 2005
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Big-name New Orleans Rap artist. Brother to Master P and Sillk the Shocker.
C-Murder is a rapper.
by Hassell April 14, 2005
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I ga-ron-tee! My personal family background. Good food.... and thats it. Zydeco is cajun music its hard to like it, haha. The most unfortunate, but hilarious accent to imitate ever! Alcoholics, all of us.
AIYEEEE! Ok Sha! listen up! tell Gaston and Pierre to drag up dem crawfish nets, the hurricaine bes comin up de way! it gonna flip over de pirogue!
by Hassell April 21, 2005
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First introduced by Smith&Wesson in 1990. Ballisticly similar to the 9mm parabellum, but with muzzle velocity exceeding all 9mm loads, and exceeding most standard loads of the outdated .45ACP cartridge, while having a standard magazine capacity of as many as 15 rounds (G22) as compared to the 7 round standard 1911 magazines, or the awkward-to-hold 13rd G20. Despite the belief or most inexperienced with the round, the .40 S&W has noticeably more recoil then the .45ACP.
Ironically, Austrian manufacturer Glock beat Smith & Wesson to the dealer shelves in 1990, with pistols chambered in .40 cal.
by hassell August 15, 2007
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