What happens (hopefully) after a double date.

Four people having sex at the same time.
4G rhymes with orgy.
by Tikibarberfan July 19, 2010
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A retarded title for a simple 3G network fabricated by Sprint to entice uneducated buyers into thinking that there's actually a 4G network when in reality, it's the same fucking thing as every other 3G network. Way to be total douches, Sprint.
Carl: "Hey, check out my new Sprint HTC with 4G! Isn't it sweet how it can surf the web?"

Jane: "Oh neat! So can every other 3G phone you dumbass."

God: "Yeah, Carl, 4G is just a pitiful marketing ploy created by Sprint because they're total douches. Now I smite thee!"
by F COS April 5, 2010
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abbreviated way to say, "get in, get on, get off, get out"
which is a quick sexual event. a person arrives, has quick sex, and leaves.
guy 1: what happened to you and jane last night?
guy 2: just alittle 4G.
by thatFRAGguy December 28, 2011
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when four people enjoy an orgasim at the same time, the equivalent of sneezing 32 times
You shiould have been there. Jeff, Craig, Emily, and I had an amazing 4G this weekend.
by CanaBonder April 27, 2010
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The act of having sexual intercourse with 4 other women at once
Gay fish 1: Hey didn`t corge gloony have 4G last night?!?!

Gay fish 2: Yeah i heard he boned eva johansen, scarlet mendes, jessica swift, and taylor alba

Gay fish 1: haha what a playboy
by T>H>O>M>A>S June 2, 2009
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When you're chilling with a group of friends and everyone is currently occupied by their phones
I was chilling with my bros when everyone pulled out their phones. No one was saying anything so I pulled mine out and followed suit we just had a 4G Orgy
by mick .lira August 19, 2015
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