4chan is the nexus of the internet, where everything goes to live and die. Especially famous for begetting the rickroll, SHOOP DA WOOP, and lolcats.

The most famous board is certainly /b/, the random board. After that probably comes /a/, the anime board, and then maybe /v/, the video games board.

...See Encyclopedia Dramatica for where much of 4chan goes to die.
I went on 4chan yesterday, I'm pretty sure that my brain fell out.
by Rowan K April 17, 2008
A shitty site for closet homosexuals with no social life with nothing else than anime, gay porn, spam, retarded threads like "rate my (micro)cock", "need advice about <whatever>", "I hate jews and <whatever>".
Whoever wrote the first definition must have been on crack.
4chan sucks like hell but at least it keeps asshole trolls busy.
by Phoenix777 August 2, 2008
A place made by satan with all his followers on the site. All of the stuff is fucked up and you don't want to see it.
guy1: hey what site did that guy post those j law nudes??
guy2: 4chan of course
by Rumsonfairhavenboi June 2, 2015
Possibly the end of the internet, or source, or center, or beginning. Everything you can ever think of is found here, whether you want it to be or not. This website is slowly dominating pop culture and the world. Several rules are often followed when entering 4chan (they are the rules of the internet, unsurprisingly invented for, at, and by 4chan):

1. Do not talk about /b/.
2. DO NOT talk about /b/.
3. We are Anonymous.
34. There is porn of it, no exceptions.

These people are the society of the nobodies. They are the middle generation, born to go nowhere and do nothing with their lives. Their form of therapy? 4chan.
1 - "So my good friend told me about this website he goes to. It's called 4chan or something."
2 - "You poor soul."
by Mr. Awesome Guy October 17, 2009
An unfunny website catering to children and 16-25 year old's who are under the illusion that they are edgy, witty, funny or any combination of the three. Humour on the site is comprised of using inside jokes that have died out and beating them to death with the hope of making them funny again (keep in mine most of them weren't funny in the first place). The site was at it's peak during the year of 2006 but recently it has been a home to scene kids and retards who use the words "epic", "win" and "fail" excessively, deteriorating the quality the site used to be known for. It's Random board, the worst offender of everything outlined here, was the home to many intelligent users and humourous people who have now fled to sites like SomethingAwful and 7chan to escape the wave of mediocrity.
Former 4chan visitor: Hey how's it going?


Former 4chan visitor: ...
by John Brown King of The Burbz September 27, 2009
a piece of garbage, also a piece of trash. Frequented by idiots. Maintained by fags. It's members feel they have figured out the meaning of life, claiming they are humanity in it's purest form, (see bullfuck ) when a two year old on crack has a better philosophy on the human condition. They use these stupid meme things, that make no sense whatsoever and anyone with a half a string (see string theory ) of an electron of an atom of a braincell in their head, wouldn't find them funny in the least and laughing at them is usually done to improve ones own rep. On the site itself, questionable material is posted anonymously (corpses, kiddy porn, homocides) and the folks over at 4chan join together in a hearty laugh, because they're so ruthless and uncaring (yeah sure). They are all about as assimilated as a scientologist mudkip being bel-air'd in the fort-harrison hotel, hooked up to over 9000! e-meters. That is 4chan in it's purest form.

F. A. Got: Say John, did you check out 4chan yet?
John: No, why would I go there? That's where ALL the fags are.
F. A. Got: Listen just divide by zero and longcat is lon...
John: *shoots Mr. Got*
F. A. Got: Yoooo killed mi!
John: One down, a legion to go.

by Iron Chancellor March 1, 2008
A place where you can anonymously you can post sins and crimes.
person 1: I just saw a baby with a knife on 4chan
person 2: Wow that's crazy did it get hurt?
person 1: No it hurt others...
by Crystal2Gamez March 7, 2022