The granddaddy of Japanese message boards, full of anonymous users who generally are fairly civil and not totally creepy. See antonym: 4chan
"Check out this cute cat pic from 2chan!"



"Check out this pic from 4chan!"

"WTF is your problem!"
by boxermaiden September 22, 2007
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The originals of board websites, prior to it, the creator of 2chan is now the CEO of 4chan, and it is not something like 4chan or 8chan with the people on there being fucked up and full of shit, the people on 2chan are actually peaceful and not creepy.
Look at this cute cat I found on the street, I found this on 2chan!

So kawaii!
by tredletsky October 6, 2022
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#2Chan - Direct definition of being partly retarded.
Guy 1. Yoo, I just found out this new website!
Guy 2. Man are you fucking retarded?
Guy 1. Mabye a little bit retatrted.
by FilipSucks November 2, 2018
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