the website where i saw an infant being medically extracted from a male ass, and people liked it
4chan is strange
by fdhsrhdfj October 24, 2012
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Ask what this is and people will say DONT ASK! The Undernet. The true hell. Everything you have ever lived for is destroyed apon entering this clusterfuck.
"Wats 4chan?" "DONT FUCKING ASK!"
by Undernet July 22, 2008
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A site where pretty much anybody can post anything.
I knew 4chan was not for me when I saw a picture of two teenage boys having sex. Jesus christ.
Tom: Hey, I was at 4chan yesterday and I saw some guy raping a goat.

Bob: Yeah, that sure sounds like 4chan.org to me
by FrownyFace August 14, 2009
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Generally a place for closet weeaboo and assholes, usually a combination of both, all the boards are complete shit and not worth looking at except for /b/ which has about 6 billion posts every half second.
Camwhores and other types of histrionic people come on so that they will become the next big meme or something, this, for the most part, fails.
It's also some sort of "Hacker Paradise" according to FOX News, what this actually means is, it has a large enough userbase to raid almost anyone and anything and people lacking enough social life to be able to spend time scouring the internet for personal information of said anyone.
Also it's anonymous, which uses the same tactic as the KKK in that if you disguise people, they lose their sense of indivuality and fear of being identified.
by semen_pants September 22, 2007
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A place where an overweight middle aged cyber virgin would go to post anime porn and talk like Terri Schiavo. This place is anonymous, because much like emo kids, no one here has any originality and they just post and repost something they googled and come up with some witty comment about it in the hopes of failing horribly and not being made fun of like they would in any other situation, like real life.
People make fun of me in real life and on 4chan, but atleast they dont know who I am on 4chan lololololoollololololololol
by newfaglawldurranonymous March 31, 2009
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