Simple, often secret, way of saying I Love You over text or chat, without being too forward
Goodnight! 123!
by *Sparkle*123 August 18, 2010
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Thank you for being SO thoughtful 💗
123....You make me feel so loved! Te amo tanto ❤️ 🔥
by Wanderlust_127 November 5, 2022
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My little curly princess you are my whole, i remember your little ankle bracelet when you coming to the first day of science claz.
Once a day that was a sunday...
You didn't come to the class again....
That day i realized.....
I was loved someone deep in my heart....
I was praying...
That little girl took my heart..
But she wasn't there anymore...
I been waiting....
Someday she was appear...
I need you y.. becouse i love you

123 yes you are my little y
by 637 littlebrownbear December 1, 2022
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The first 3 numbers you learned this in kindergarten I hope you looked this up as a joke
Teacher: ok please count for me

Student: 123

Teacher: good job billy
by Pe pe123 September 27, 2019
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Most Easy ass password that some kid will brag about in school
Brad "Yo, I got the best password you wont guess it" Jared "What is it I wont tell anyone" Brad "It's 123 bro" Jared "Dumb nigga"
by GhostSparto May 24, 2019
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used in web forums to denote a quote that they entirely agree with 100%. the term "you took the words right of my mouth" comes to mind.

however, because they forums disable spaming by requiring people to type at least 3 characters per post... 123 comes to mind
bob: anarchy sucks

jim : "bob : anarchy sucks"
by jaredong May 20, 2005
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