420 is 42 the meaning of life some say but a 0 added to the end the 0 is post to show weed. 420 can be used to like smoke weed or something
You: im going to have some 420
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by Know Your Memes November 23, 2018
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Supposedly "420" was a code used by the San Rafael police department, however, the department has always denied this. A group known as the "Waldos" claim to have originated 420 in San Rafael in 1971. The group met every day at 4:20 PM after school and eventually began to use 420 as a code for marijuana so they could talk about pot in front of parents and teachers.
Can't wait til 420, I'm going to blaze out of my mind.
by Drew April 04, 2004
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To add to the definition regarding "The Waldos," I'd like to note that in an article of High Times containing an interview with the waldos, one of them told this story:
We had heard rumors that one of the members brothers had planted a pot patch in the wooded area around town. We all wanted to go look for this patch of weed, so we devised to meet eachother by the statue of Louis Pasteur after school. Since we all had after school activities or electives that lasted about fifty minutes, and since it took about ten minutes to get from school to our after school activities, and another ten minutes to walk from the activites to the statue. Since there were many of us we decided that 420 would be a good time to meet so we could go search for the patch of pot. We never did find it, but we had lots of fun getting high while trying to look for it.
Therefore, when they were at school, when they saw eachother between classes they would secretively say "420" and maybe give the thumb-and-pointer-finger-to-the-mouth sign to indicate that that was when they would meet to look for the weed patch. Since the waldos were such legendary potheads, when people who were not waldos saw this, it caught on and they assumed it was a secret code word for pot.
by Darius Sunofovich December 31, 2004
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420, indeed, was thought of years ago as the time of day some people got together to smoke pot. Now it is used as code for "Let's go get high." Also, some people consider it to be April 20th that is "National Pot Smoking Day."
I prefer all of the above.
Dude, 420, let's go.
by Lonnie September 29, 2004
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The origin of the word goes long before it's use in the US for cannabis. 420 is common term in Indian subcontinent used for someone who is a thief/trickster/clever in mischievous way. The word originates by Penal Code of 1860 instituted by the colonial government of British India. Section 420 covers offences relating to cheating and dishonestly.

I am pretty sure someone from Indian subcontinent (pakistan, india, bangladesh), probably students, tricked some American pot smokers into using the word for themselves back in 1960s or 1970s. What else could explain that weird coincidence? In that sense they were "420" (mischievous trickster) who tricked people into using a (bad) Indian slang for themselves
Look, lets tell American pot smokers in our school that they should call themselves "420". (laughs Hehehee )
by Zuchi October 30, 2014
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In 1971, a group of stoners at San Rafael High School, California, coined this word. It was originally 420 Louis, meaning they planned to smoke weed by the Louis Pasteur statue by their school (btw Louis Pasteur was a hygene expert just fyi) and they said it as like a code word so that they could talk about weed around their parents / teachers and they would not know what the hell they were going on a bout!!! They may have been trying to track down a hidden crop aswell, although that is a bit debated and may be in fact an urban myth. But hey, this is Urban Dictionary, so yea! And then the phrase gained use thanks to the Greatful Dead who publicised it in the 70s and 80s. Today, 44 years down the track, the Waldos are given full credit for coining the term and it still means weed. It is mainly used for fun, secrecy, ritual and protest. A lot of people who smoke weed have a lot of fun with this word, and nobody else really knows wtf they are saying! ... (except their hippy parents!!!!!!! lol oops!)
Oh hey dude, there was this one time at Dennys, I was like super super stoned, I think it might have been after 420!

420 is both a time and a day - It's 4:20 (20 past 4)), or Happy 4/20 (20th of April)

Let's go out on 420 at 420 for some 420ing!!!!!!!!
by sagibitchascent420 November 23, 2015
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