1. April 20th.

2. National pot smoking day (April 20th).

3. A 2 person racing sailboat made by Vanguard and used in the olympics.
1. It's 420

2. it's 420 do you know where your weed is?

3. "lets go 420ing" "do u have the weed?" "no, lets go sailing!"
by iz March 27, 2005
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1. A popular term used to describe a weed smoking time created by the waldos because they always smoked at 4:20. it has spread into a code for smoking and now April 20th has been established as national pot smoking day

2. A number usually found between 419 and 421.

3. A police code for a homicide

4. (April 20th) Hitlers birthday
1. hey man its 420, time to smoke!!!
2. hey man i just counted to 420!!!!
3. -guy gets killed- (cop): WE GOT A 420!!!
4. hey man its the H-mans B-day, lets go heil and celebrate
by SinisterL April 24, 2010
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Started by the waldos. Today. It was the day where you get high. In about 2 hours I will be high. Because at school I can't smoke
420. we're gettin stooooooned!
by RileyK April 20, 2005
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420 is the name given to pretty thieves, tricksters or frauds in the Indian Subcontinent. This originates from the fact that Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code deals with cheating related crimes. It finds reference in the title of the Bollywood movie 'Shree 420'.
Some 420 made off with my coffee while I was in the restroom.

Father to daughter: I'll not let you marry that 420.
by vibubhav February 28, 2009
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you guys are fucking stupid, 420 was originated in southern california by a group called the waldos, 1 of them heard about a patch of weed plants so they decided to go look for it after school at 4:20pm they never found the weed patch but they still got high as shit off the stuff they did have. Today it is national weed smoking day/time and is today, so im still a little high =D
its 4:20 on 420, lets blazeeeee
by Genius Weed Smoka April 20, 2006
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420 is now known as Pot Smokers Day, but in the early 90s, April 20th was National Smoke Out Day, encouraging people NOT to smoke cigarettes. We all know what "smoke out" means now.
Happy 420!

It's 420. We need some goodie good good.
by ImAWriter May 30, 2008
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The 20th day of April, or National Potsmoking Day in the US. Who cares where the number 420 originated, just go out and some some pot for pot's sake.
Pothead#1: "What are you doing on 420?"
Pothead#2: "I'm going to smoke weed all day!"
by Zen Master April 24, 2005
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